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Forum Guidelines

Guideline, a principle or criterion guiding or directing action.

1. Tolerate other contributors. Tolerance is necessary to conduct civil discussions.
2. Do not presume bad faith from other contributors. There are no “S.P.s” or “P.T.S.es”. Anyone who habitually presumes bad faith is going to have a rough time here and will not last.
3. Make the nature of your posting content clear. If you are posting facts, please reference them. If you are posting a conclusion, please provide the basis for your conclusion. If you post a speculation or rumor, qualify your statements accordingly, at least in context.
4. No multiple contributor accounts please. Such accounts may be suspended by moderators or banned by the administrator at their sole discretions. If you and a roommate or spouse are logging in from the same IP address, we may challenge this by temporarily suspending your posting privileges and requesting an explanation. Please do not be offended. Just tell us the circumstances through a private message and if we find the circumstances to be legitimate, then your posting privileges will be restored.