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#86 How The Freezone Is Like Wow Free Server

Posted by Rhythm on 06 August 2009 - 09:22 PM

Just found this on WWP:
"The idea that Scientology, practiced outside the Co$ is somehow different,
and less toxic, than that practiced inside the "church" requires the same
abysmal logic that would presume that crack cocaine smoked *outside* the
crack house is less addictive and toxic and somehow doesn't lead to the same
end result."

#17 Yay The Feeezone!

Posted by Rhythm on 29 July 2009 - 04:33 PM

After I left the subject of scientology, I realized that there are pieces of scientology technology that are helpful, but the system of that tech is designed to mentally trap those who get involved with it. I will say that I am not aware of a more effective and efficient method of brainwashing than scientology.

#4 A Reading List For Recovery

Posted by Rhythm on 25 July 2009 - 12:24 PM

Here are some books that I have found very helpful:

Becoming Attached
by Robert Karen, PhD.

About 440 pages. This book is about attachment theory, which does have a verified, scientific basis in psychology. The author begins the book with the history of psychoanalysis and brings the reader to the initial research in attachment theory, up to modern scientific studies and applications in psychotherapy.

Them and Us: Cult Thinking and the Terrorist Threat
by Arthur J. Deikman, M.D.

About 240 pages, well written with brilliant and compassionate insights into how cults operate. This is the best book on the subject of cults that I am aware of.

Violent Criminal Acts and Actors Revisited
by Lonnie Athens, PhD.

About 160 pages. Athens' writing style is concise. Athens did a great deal of practical research by interviewing perpetrators of violent crime, all of which is verifiable. The source of violent crime is not "engrams" or "evil purposes".

Virus of the Mind
by Richard Brodie

About 230 pages. Written in a colloquial style for the layman. This book is an introduction to Memetic Psychology and is a cutting edge perspective on a major factor in the behavior of complex life forms. A Meme is a basic cultural idea that is transmitted from one individual to another. The biological analogue of the meme is the gene. The meme construct aligns a great deal of data on thought, emotion and behavior. I would state that memetic psychology obsoletes anything scientology ever had to offer.