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#887 Interview on the role of corporate psychopaths in the global financial collapse

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 30 March 2013 - 02:58 PM

You always have done nice clean interviews, clear questions, and your guests have really been informative.

I've learned a lot from your interviews and will continue to re-listen to my favorites.

One would have thought that community college radio would allow locals like you to continue providing shows for your local community.

You had a boatload of excellent guests!

Thanks Tom!

Chuck Beatty
in Pittsburgh

#886 Interview on scientology and narconon with former narconon executive

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 30 March 2013 - 01:58 PM

I would have loved to know from Lucas, how Narconon Arrowhead's staff command chart functioned.

For instance, was there a Narconon Arrowhead "Banking Officer" who followed the Hubbard green volumes "FBO" or "Finance Officer" policies, because I'd be very interested in knowing what the weekly "allotment" form was that the "FBO" officer used, which lists the cut of money that must be funneled upwards to ABLE.

Because my guess is that the actual allocation and allotment of money that internally Narconon Arrowhead, followed Scientology church percentages. Not that this is illegal, but it shows to what degree, from small details of how the Narconon program was implemented (following to the letter Hubbard church procedures), to the degree internally, as a whole organization, the Narconon Arrowhead follows the internal policies straight out of the green volumes (the Hubbard Scientology church internal staff regulations).

Lucas should be interviewed in detail, by ALL serious academic researchers who are professing to do serious research into Narconon.

Chuck Beatty
in Pittsburgh

#885 Interview on research of cognition versus empathy

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 30 March 2013 - 01:27 PM

What an informative excellent interview Tom!

I'm amazed at your questions, and so are your guests, who get provoked into giving such excellent informative answers.

I've always loved your interviewing Tom.

This interview deserves to be re listened to about 4 times, there are so much interesting material here..

Thanks Tom!

Chuck Beatty
in Pittsburgh

#872 The Edge interview on the suspicious death of Kyle Brennan

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 23 December 2012 - 05:49 PM

The KR that Jerry Gentile (Denise's husband) wrote, sounds fishy to me, and my first educated guess was that the KR was a compiled KR from info that OSA Clearwater, likely Peter Mansell, gathered and re-wrote in the name of Jerry.

It's a scrubbed and highly clinical detailed KR, sounds unbelievably like something only OSA Legal people write, it is totally has the "time, place, form, event" and reads like an OSA timetrack writeup.

The KR is available to be read, it's circulating, I saw a copy of it.

I cannot believe, it was written by Jerry, unless he was fed back the exact details for which he then typed up the KR.

Because it is a crafted KR, my opinion, it deflects legal judgements about this KR. Because it is written by Jerry Gentile, it to me should be focused on,and Jerry Gentile if a good lawyer was properly coached, could get Jerry to sputter a LOT of inconsistent answers, if Jerry were asked in detail questions about his KR (not his, my opinion), and because it's so very likely NOT his KR, he could be "tripped up".

In real life, behind the scenes, Denise Gentile also likely wrote a KR, to OSA Clearwater or to OSA Int, and her KR ought be have put into the evidence.

Tom Brennan also would have likely been ordered to "write up" what he experienced, and Tom's "KR" ought be also have been put into the evidence.

Why Jerry Gentile addressed the KR to OSA Int person(s) is also highly suggestive that he was either told to write that KR.

Why Jerry even so closedly surveiled the Policeman who was on the scene, and Jerry was recording the questions, that perfectly, with the answers, is just more like a KR that OSA Clearwater wrote and submitted to RTC, since this case is ALL about Denise Gentile's fucked up student pseudo-therapist messed up "auditing" (Hubbard pseudo-therapy) because Tom Brennan was Denise's 'student preclear"!!!

This case is all about slick coverup, by Scientology OSA, to keep Denise's negligence, out of the story, minimally.

Denise was on the phone pleading with Victoria, the Sunday before Kyle's death (5 days later on Friday), asking Victoria to help urge Kyle go to Narconon!!!!

Other evidence in the case is the Flag Service Org Master At Arms' Handling Program written that Tom was required to execute, to handle Tom's situation with Kyle being on psych drugs and under psych care, in order that Denise, Tom's student auditor, could continue to take Tom in session.

Denise was doing her Academy Levels student auditng on Tom, and that auditing was stopped, because Tom needed to first handle Ky'e's being on psych drugs.

Kyle was Tom's problem, because of Scientology's rules.

Denise couldn't audit Tom, until Tom finished his "Handling Program" with Kyle's psych drug use being the KEY most important first step, a step that's been deemed priest penitent and blocked out, in the Scientology submited self admitted evidence, Scientology admits the FSO MAA wrote Tom Brennan a handling program, to deal with Kyle.

We who know what the details of this programs MUST have contained, because we know the Hubbard "scriptures" (think cult rules system rules for "scriptures"), we know Denise couldn't audit her guinea pig student preclear (patient), Tom, until Tom was free of his family situation with his son engaging in a suppressive activity, namely taking psych drugs.

It's so messy, when a cult leader, Hubbard, makes his prejudices into "church" policy, and church followers tie themselves in knots and pressure themselves into inhumane reactions on their non Scientology family members, in supreme ignorance, and tragedies are directly and indirectly caused.

Our legal system is just incapable of understanding this.

Scientology's actual "Handling Program" the full version, was apparantly initially viewed by the original judge on the first case, and that judge could NOT have understood the full implication, I know, and I wish I could have been in Ken Dandar's brain, to help him, to submit to that judge, who was allowed to read the Flag Service Org Master At Arm's "Handling Program" for Tom Brennan, because in that Handling Program would be the information to connect the dots.

Denise was pressuring Tom to complete the "Handling Program". She was Tom's student therapist, like a student barbar, and her patient, Tom, was the student barber's customer. Denise was just trying to make sure Tom came out okay, within the Hubbard rules, and Tom was cooperative, since Denise is a big wheel name, she's the twin sister of David Miscavige, and it's pretty unthinkable NOT to follow any orders from her, and Tom was her employee in addition to being Denise's guinea pig student therapy patient!!

And the Flag Service Org Master a Arms, makes the Flag Service Org directly connected to this death, since Tom was the one negligent or worse, in Kyle's death!

That's just the fact, too bad our legal system didn't get this, at least not yet.

thankyou Lawyer Luke for taking on this case!

despite the "loss" in the courts, the world absolutely knows Scientology's Hubbard, is really the guy who wrote this Scientology cult rules script of anti psychiatry prejudice, that played out, via the "Handling Program" which so obviously directly preceded Tom Brennan's behavior with Kyle, directly leading up to Kyle's death!

The lawyers on this case, were right to pursue it.

Hubbard is the guilty party, in world history, and his followers are the guilty parties, in acting in ways to deny psychiatric care.

Hubbard's exorcism, is the Scientology alternative, to psychiatry.

Hubbard believed that human beings' deepest irrationality stems from mental implanting, which we all received in past lives, and additionally, we are all infested with clusters of dead souls that co-habit our bodies and these surplus souls, "body thetans", are all to varying degrees leaking the mentally debilitating past lives implants out of their soul minds into our mind. Hubbard's solution, ultimately, is to rid a person of these surplus hitchhiking "body thetans" that infest each of us, and when the souls are fully exorcised (it takes 5 of the 8 secret OT levels of Scientology to complete the exorcism in full), then we are finally fully mentally well and spiritually back in good shape.

Hubbard's rules would have pushed Tom to get Kyle off psych handlings, but the Hubbard Scientology fraudulent pseudo-therapy/exorcism rules tragically include a rule saying people who have had psychiatric drugs and care cannot DO Hubbard's pseudo-therapy/exorcism.

Hubbard's practice is wrong in all directions, and Hubbard is what infected Tom Brennan's head, and infected Denise Brennan's head, and infected the Flag Service Org Master At Arms' head, and infected the Clearwater OSA meister Peter Mansell's head, so they cannot see how they caused Kyle's death.

That was a cult does, that's what a cult leader like Hubbard causes the world.

It will be a long battle undoing Scientology's/Hubbard's prejudices.

#826 The Edge interview on patient deaths in Narconon

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 25 August 2012 - 04:09 PM

Great interview as usual Tom.

This is a great summary of the reasons Narconon should be shut down immediately.

The lies Hubbard told about which of his ideas were secular and which were religious are brought to the fore by this interview.

The whole Narconon program is Hubbard's ideas used in the Scientology faux religion.

Either Hubbard has a huge misunderstanding about religion, or he's lying, or both.

Just because Hubbard wrote his rules, his followers, including the Narconon staff, are stuck implementing Hubbard's lying and Hubbard's misunderstandings on the world.

It's a huge mess what all Hubbard has stuck his followers with implementing.

#773 Interview with former scientology executive director Bill Franks

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 11 June 2012 - 08:25 AM


I lament there is not some good discussion of your interviewing.

But, someday, some researchers will scutinize it, since your interviewing is unique in Scientology critics history.

Mark Bunker doesn't know even how to ask the questions you ask. Mark's done unprecedented, but more like normal media limited understanding coverage.

The interviewing you do digs up details that I hope to hell some sociologists see the value of the details you illicit from these ex senior members, like Bill.

The personal relationship with Mary Sue, the whole issue of her being "thrown under the bus", and that LRH ordered the surveillance, or his orders justified the tactics used to try to incriminate her, and make her feel guilty enough to be willing to accept FULL responsibility.

what total irony!

I doubt Lawrence Wright will see the point, nor Mark Bunker, nor even Childs and Tobin, nor any new religion scholar, since none of them know the Simon Bolivar policy's influence on Mary Sue's self adopted roll.

Bottom line, the romantic Bolivar did to some degree discard Manuela, but she at least was independent enough.

I so wish we could have had a educated enough historian/journalist/writer understand Mary Sue's mindset, as a woman, married to L. Ron Hubbard, and her final life's ending.

Mary Sue, to use Lawrence Wright's term for how he writes his books (self admitted and freely explained in his talks to the public when he tells how he writes his book), is that Mary Sue would have ultimately been about the best case scenario "mule" for the Scientology story. "Mules" are the people Larry Wright uses to carry the narrative of his stories.

I hung out with Roger Weller this weekend Tom, and I think the biggest regret I have is that we (outside media, historians, scholars) didn't have the mindset to reach Mary Sue, and befriend her, and get her talking frankly about her thoughts.

Tom, for the future, Leslie Potter and Neville Potter were Mary Sue's "handlers" her final years, plus Ginny Hof and Hett Sanders.

If you ever want to get some excellent new groundbreaking interviews, Tom, or Lawrence Wright if you want to get some GOOD new history, then talk and befriend and get some history out of the Potters, Hof and Sanders!!!!

Tom you're the best interviewer for history, bar none, you know the Scientology beat!

Can't thankyou enough Tom!

Chuck Beatty
call after 9pm if you have important history you want to share on Marty Sue's final end, and her Manuela role, anyone with firsthand knowledge of what she personally felt and said in her final years before she died!
412-260-1170 east coast time zone

#771 Interview with former scientology executive director Bill Franks

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 11 June 2012 - 07:57 AM

On the Mary Sue (Hubbard's last and most long term faithful wife, totally dedicated to him) issue, this is a huge piece of Hubbard's heartlessness. I think if ALL of the people's memories of those tumultuous times when LRH was most worried about being brought down, and HOW LRH is the one who doubted Mary Sue's "doing the right thing" and taking the fall for him, when both she and he knew that he was absolutely culpable for the Guardian's Office's misdeeds which the US Justice Dept correctly "letter of the law" nailed with total firmness, this interview with Bill's info and him giving more of the context shows to me even MORE, why it is so fricking important to someday get the Jimmy Mulligans, and the Jane Kembers, and the still alive ex GO biggies to add publicly their views.

If Lawrence Wright is even taking note of my comments, my BIG suggestion to the serious writers, and Lawrence is the ONLY world outside writer at this point in history in the game of even getting to this VERY important historical moment, there is this torturous psychological game that goes on, when a Scientologist "turns" against LRH.

And this moment, I believe it is true, that Mary Sue did NOT want to turn on LRH, but that she also was somewhat wishing to still be a part of his life, and I believe, it is written in Janet's book, Mary Sue did have a final meal with LRH out at Bonnie View, the old Bonnie View, at the Int Base.

But the moment of realizing that LRH and the movement needs you to "take the fall" (and Bill's seeing this as something on the horizon for himself as well), this moment and period for Mary Sue, must have been absolutely a mind ripping moment psychologically.

She knew LRH ordered and wrote ALL of the Guardian's Office most illegal tactics and overall policy. The Simon Bolivar policy is all about the fundamental theoretical basis for how to protect LRH. Mary Sue was absolutely guided by the Manuela failings which LRH brings up in the Simon Bolivar policy.

I truly think Bill is the best senior ex member to get his wits around the movement, and absolutely, NO writer has yet tapped into the psychological collapse that will occur in the senior ex member's minds, when they see the big guns of penalties being turned and aimed at themselves, and they see Hubbard is the one at the control switch.

I imagine also, that the GO and Miscavige did NOT wish Bill to be revealing what he was doing against her, and relaying to her, in all her final years, since she died in 2002 I believe, but I would like to know if Bill had chance to talk EVER with Mary Sue.

I so wish that one of the major burned execs of all time, Bill Franks, had chance to swap stories with other burned executives, and fill in history on their different sides of the turmoil, back in those moments when those major players were actually pitted against each other, back when those on the inside were "just following LRH's orders and principles".

This truly, Tom, this interview has some truly important seeds of just how senior members of the movement go through their mental collapse of support for the Hubbard movement and system.

You're doing future serious researchers of Scientology a priceless historical service, Tom.

It takes a good deal of literacy to even come up to describing the turmoil one is put through, when one's playing the high positions in the Scientology movement, and Bill's the best, in my opinion, very clear.

Jeff Hawkins did pretty good on his story.

So much to discuss on this.

anyone want to talk to me after hours, call me after 9pm east coast time on the phone, and let's chat.

Bill Franks, I hope to hell you have a nice long life, and spend a tiny amount more time allowing more interviewing. I'd love to know to what lengths in general Scientology has kept the whole long train of ex senior members from conversing and comparing stories, with each other. There is a hell of a lof of important history that's been damped out of existence by somehow distancing the ex senior leaders from talking with each other and putting the twos and twos together!

To say Scientology is a mind control group, well Bill's comments about Margaret Singer's comments about Scientology being, at this point in it's history (since in 50 years, who knows that will be left), being the worst of the mind control authoritarian totalist groups, this interview is just overwhelming evidence.

Thanks Tom.

Jackpot, I fell like I just won a huge chunk of excellent history revealed.

Thankyou Bill Franks!

#770 Interview with former scientology executive director Bill Franks

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 10 June 2012 - 11:36 PM

Dear Bill and Tom,

That was your best history interview yet, Tom!

The way Bill explains the story of the Hubbard despatch that admitted people blow due to ARC Break (upset) rather than transgressions, and giving that story the full context, was very good.

The tying in of Margaret Singer's comments and opinions on Scientology/Hubbard's making people completely guilty of their transgressions, using this as the major overriding control processes on the membership, that really is a huge huge point that this interview makes clear.

Excellent interview for that major point.

The Mary Sue op, setting her up, trying to get her to incriminate herself, so as to convince her to take the blame, and she just wasn't cooperating, that is a very important incident to give other parts of that story, I had heard she just wasn't willing to be the fall woman, so that's why Miscavige ordered the surveillance on her, to see if she'd incriminate herself.

The murder of the one MP that Bill knew about for sure, and Bill's mentioning that he'd seen so many other mentions of murders ordered, by chance, and the amount of evidence destroyed, that is truly a dark chapter that deserveres more research, and Bill if you have any ideas of how a researcher would go about at least just digging up the story verbally, since the evidence will obviously by now all have been destroyed, I'd love your thoughts Bill on who today might be asked to confirm, who in the DC GO or US GO or elsewhere, who might know, I guess if Jimmy Mulligan is still alive, he'd be one to know for sure.

Bill, do you think that the Simon Boliver policy, where LRH blatantly says Manuela should have had Santander murdered, and that this was one of Maneula's failings, do you think the GO were operating on that rationale?

To me, it seems obvious now.

But Bill, this interview shows that the fanaticism that existed that made the GO think they could and should murder, is written into the Simon Bolivar PL.

And that level of fanaticism, to do murder, is the level of violence that Miscavige is at least pretending or promoting that he was willing to engage in.

Bill, did you ever speak to anyone like to Starkey, or to other senior people, about any of the murders that occurred on any Cont?

This is the all time best interview, in my opinion, Tom.

This is really hardcore material that shows that serious enemies of Hubbard's, that obviously the GO took Hubbard's Simon Bolivar policy to fanatical literalness, and they did murder at least one MP, per Bill.

Chuck Beatty




ex Sea Org, 1975-2003

#726 Interview on the how and why of psychotherapy with Dr. Bruce Wampold

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 04 February 2012 - 05:56 AM


Boy Tom, makes me want to go back to college and study psychology. Not to be a practitioner, but just to become more familiar with it all.

As far as thinking "how would this apply" to Scientology, in hindsight, I have several thoughts.

Obviously the "lower grades" of Scientology are some type of psychotherapy, despite Hubbard's denials that "auditing" is NOT psychotherapy.

So, just listening to a college professor discuss what he discusses, minimally gives a Scientologist some ideas as to why "auditing" might be effective.

I've always intuitively thought that the "best auditors" got good results based on their personal nature as people, meaning that the people who were the "Auditors of the Year" type auditors, were just darned good "therapist" type people!

So, even that Scientology's psychotherapy is NOT peer reviewed, in hindsight, since I was in the Sea Org for 27 years, and spent my first 7 years at Flag, intermingling with the FSO staff, coming in contact with the best auditors in the world (I'd say that plenty of field auditors worldwide were just as smooth as the best Flag auditors though) that some of the Class 12s, one or two who I did morning TR drills with, back when daily TR drilling was still required, I found that their ability to "bond" and talk with the patient, was exceptional.

So, as you put this great interview with a research psychotherapist on the Ex Scientology blog here, I take it you wanted us ex Scientologists to consider what this man says, and reflect how it might have something to do with Scientology, and that's the first couple thoughts I had how it relates.

Next, I thought, well, if Scientology's a religion, well it doesn't really have to do "peer review". If just by chance it does provide patient benefit to Scientologists, the patient Scientologists really don't need any peer review, they're happy as is.

I guess though, this man's attitude contrasts though, with the hype language in Scientology. LRH claims his auditing therapy will be successful 100% of the time, when I think in some client/parishioner's cases, they will NOT agree with LRH.

I think the field of psychotherapy has a more tolerant view of their patients who feel NOT assisted by psychotherapy. Scientology treats disgruntled Scientologists even way more extremely than my impression of how psychotherapists would of their disgruntled patients.

In contrast, that a professor even studies the effectiveness of the various psychotherapies, that relationship between university research and the field of psychotherapist practitioners, I see today as way more healthy compared to the arrogance built into the Church of Scientology about its "spiritual therapy/exorcism" psychotherapy practices.

What I tell people who are disgruntled with psychotherapy or psychiatry, is "get another psychotherapist/psychiatrist". Meaning, "switch auditors", just like C/S Series 1, Auditor's Rights, where it says that is the preclear's right to ask for a different auditor.

Interesting that your guest says that the optimism of the therapist effects success rate, to a degree.

I find psychotherapist discussion so much freer, since discussing Scientology therapy/auditing, Hubbard set so many rules about even talking about it, like it's an ethics offense to engage in verbal data, etc.

The more I contrast Scientology/Hubbard theory and rules with the outside world, the more I see the outside world displays tolerance and more careful thinking processes to this area of therapy.

Anyways, thanks Tom.

This is a great interview, and had I the time, maybe when I retire, I'll go back to college just for the joy of learning more.

- Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org, 1975-2003
Pittsburgh, 412-260-11770

#707 Interview with Dr. Arthur Deikman on cults and cult thinking

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 15 January 2012 - 06:09 PM

Also, you told me, and listeners should realize that Dr. Deikman suffers from Parkinson's and is elderly, so respectfully take that into account when listening to this interview.

Point by point, I can't argue against anything I learned listening to this interview.

Great job!

#706 Interview with Dr. Arthur Deikman on cults and cult thinking

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 15 January 2012 - 06:07 PM

What an incredible interview Tom.

You really do your guests so much careful homework, just such excellent questions and making the show such an informative piece of work for as short at the shows are.

Really appreciate your great interviews for all these years Tom!

This man's work on cult attitudes, is so important for ex members to hear.

Glad you chose him, and excellent questions and answers!

#670 Interview on Forgiveness Therapy with Dr. Jim Dincalci

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 29 October 2011 - 05:39 PM

Another excellent interview!

Jim's forgiveness site, years ago, someone told me about it, and it really helped me, just read what he wrote, I used it, and for sure, I'm a thankful recipient of the simplest of his focused ideas about forgiveness.

It's something one does for oneself, and one just forgives people, and it helps the person who forgives, and you don't even have to tell the other person that you forgave them! That's so simple, and so helpful.

It's like having one's own "solo session" and one concludes one doesn't have to blame someone else anymore!

Also Tom, hunting down the linguistic relativity subject, that too leads to some powerful ideas about how words influence people.

And the forgiveness word/concept, is just a perfect example of how words can have an emotional and mental effect.

I liked that Jim's done so much brain chemistry study, and his discussion of cortisol, and how thought changes the cortisol levels immediately!

Amazing interview!

Thanks so much Tom!


#629 Interview on effective self change with Dr. James O. Prochaska

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 18 September 2011 - 08:40 PM

Excellent interview, extremely easy to get this psychologist's points. I listened to this show TWICE straight through, really fascinating layout of ideas. Great interview!