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In Topic: OSA Scum orchestrate fraudulent DMCA Takedown scenarios

04 October 2016 - 01:00 PM

Due to three instances of fraudulent DMCA Takedown Notices sent to Google involving only two members, I am implementing a new a terms of service policy immediately:

Anyone with login privileges on the Ex-Scientologist Forum who wishes to issue a DMCA Takedown Notice to report any content posted on this forum, shall first issue a report to the forum administrator of the allegedly offending post by clicking on the word Report in the lower right corner of that post, typing in why you think the content infringes on a copyright, and your relationship to the copyright owner, then click Submit Report to send it to the administrator. 

Optionally, you may also post your objection in the thread of the allegedly offending post. 

Those with login privileges who violate this term of service will be banned and blocked.  The administrator may also take further legal action against the violator.