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Non-Scientology Paths to Spiritual Freedom

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Posted 04 August 2011 - 01:45 PM

I have found other paths to achieving what I hoped to get from Scientology. I want to share these other paths with you. Here's the short version: www.BodyTalkSystem.com, www.AroMeditation.org, and "The Essential Qigong Training Guide" by Ken Cohen, available at www.Amazon.com.

Here's more data. I was a very active Scientologist for over 40 years. I got huge, beneficial change from auditing and also from training and from over 10 years on staff at various orgs and ABLE groups. After doing OT V, I began to develop a lot of interest in the 8th Dynamic, which I couldn't do much about in Scientology. When I wasn't allowed onto OT VI, I began looking for alternative routes to spiritual freedom. I won't go into all the gory details here about the injustice of not being allowed to continue on the OT Levels and other unsatisfactory happenings -- there's a lot of data about that sort of thing in other posts.

I was very concerned about leaving the Church as I was afraid I was leaving the only effective spiritual path. I found out otherwise I have also found that alternative paths support my interest in the 8th Dynamic. (I don't mean here the Christian view of God.)

What have I gotten from these paths? In no particular order: greater happiness, greater ability, almost no case, less stress, very good health, never sick, more endurance when exercising, greater psychic abilities, greater ability to change conditions and help others, more ability to know and move towards my purposes, and the happy feeling that I'm on a path that leads me daily into a much higher spiritual state.

I found that I made very rapid progress, faster than usual, on these paths. I'm sure that's because of the auditing and training that I had in Scientology. One thing all these paths do is remove case -- having lost a lot of case in auditing, I had a leg up.

For over a year, I did Buddhist meditation. I know that Ron denigrates meditation as "looking inward." Ron wants us to look outward at the world. However, I find that meditation is not looking inward at all. It's connecting up with the 8th Dynamic.

I highly recommend a series of free weekly e-mailed lessons from a Tibetan Buddhist website called www.AroMeditation.org. This website has a great glossary that defines many of the technical terms. It's hard to find so here's the link: http://arobuddhism.o...sary/Itemid,80/ (However, I found the main book that they sell mostly incomprehensible -- the weekly e-mailed lessons are easier.)

The weekly lessons aren't 100% clear, but are clear enough to get you to start meditating. Just do the lessons as best you can, and you'll start seeing changes, including losing case. Yes, LOSING CASE. It's been 3 years since I started Aro and the case I've lost didn't come back. It's not a matter of a key-out; it's gone, dissolved by the Theta that is generated as one meditates.

After I did the weekly Aro Meditation lessons, which last about a year, I started to feel I was plateauing and got antsy for more instruction. I found a helpful book called "Genuine Happiness, Meditation as the Path to Fulfillment" by B. Alan Wallace. However, I don’t know that I would have gotten much out of it had I not done the Aro Meditation lessons first. For about 6 months, I did the various forms of meditation described in this book.

Again, I began to feel that I was plateauing. I started Body Talk. This is a system for losing case and for increasing Theta and spiritual abilities. It works faster than Scientology is much, much, much easier. No pressure, no heavy organization, lower cost. I started with a book called "Body Talk System" available on www.Amazon.com. Got huge gains. Then took a 1 day class for $150.

I've taken a 2-day or 4-day class every 3 months for the last year. I'll have run thru all of them soon and will then be learning from a DVD set. I've been able to help myself handle many, many physical, mental, spiritual issues. Body Talk addresses directly the most basic phenomena addressed on the OT levels that I've done. I'm hoping that the increase of Theta that it creates addresses the rest of OT phenomena. We'll see.

Also, I can help others with BodyTalk -- more easily. This is everything that I had hoped to gain from Scientology. And it's better.

In the last 6 months, I've also added Qigong meditation, from the book-CD-DVD set listed at the top of this post. I prefer this form of Taoist meditation to the Aro (Buddhist meditation) that I started with. Don't know how I would have liked Qigong if I had started with it and not done other forms of meditation first, since I never tried that.

Leaving Scientology was extremely difficult for me spiritually -- I was afraid that I might be losing the possibility of spiritual freedom. It was tricky and lengthy to cut the communication with the Church. I was a senior staff member of an ABLE group when I started cutting ties. I started by telling a couple of Scientologists in my AB LE group that I was very close with that I was doing Buddhist meditation -- as that's another religion and a Scientologist can practice other religions. So that they wouldn't freak out and start writing reports, I told them that I had sent a report up-lines about this along with LRH quotes about how Scientologists can also practice other religions (I had sent the report, and TR3d it when I got no reply). And I continued on from there, reducing ties. While staying in ARC and replying to e-mails from Scientology friends, I gradually decreased the ties and comm.

I'm keeping this anonymous because I maintain light occasional comm with a few remaining Scientology friends whom I have not told about doing other practices.

I feel fortunate that I handled a great deal of case and increased my abilities through Scientology. I also feel very fortunate to have found even stronger and more efficient paths forward. I'm very happy about how all this has worked out.

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Posted 04 August 2011 - 01:52 PM

Thanks for posting this, Molly. Many practices exist for self improvement that those who leave scientology can utilize. Some have been around much longer than scientology or even psychotherapy.

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