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#43 St Petersburg Times - Strength In Numbers

Posted by AnonyMary on 02 August 2009 - 03:14 PM

Four more brave people have come forward speaking out against the organized criminal cult of Scientology and a few others were interviewed without video. Startling revelations from people who have, in some cases been out of the cult for twenty years.


Kudos to those who spoke up!

The video interviews in this series are very good to watch:





here's a link to the first series:

Mary McConnell

#290 David Miscavige And Organized Scientology - My New Ebook

Posted by Homeward Bound on 22 November 2009 - 05:48 PM

I would like to announce the release of my first “ebook”.

The cover of the ebook is not yet ready but I wanted to release it now anyway as it may be of value to important current happenings such as what is going on with Senator Zenophone in Australia.

The ebook, or call it “paper”, can be found at the following link:


And, you may soon be able to download it at:


The work is free of charge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 http://creativecommo...nses/by/3.0/us/

This means anyone is free to copy, distribute and transmit the work and to adapt the work but you need to attribute what you do back to this original work.

The title of the work is:

- The Collected Works of L. H. Brennan – Volume 1”

It is subtitled:

“The Miscavige Legal Statements: A Study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection”
Written by Larry Brennan
[Edited and Compiled by Anonymous w/<3]

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks and love to Anonymous for the incredible help in putting this together.

As the name implies, it is based on a series of my works indexed at my blog: larrybren.blogspot.com

It contains first hand information on the subject. My involvement and background within organized scientology is detailed near the end of the ebook in an attempt to show that this information is both first hand and credible (as much of this is going to be denied by David Miscavige and those who speak for him).

We are entering a time now where the abuses of David Miscavige and the organized scientology he controls are being brought into the light and are now being addressed both by governments and civil litigants. To the extent that this information may be of help in exposing and stopping the abuses it is offered freely for their use.

Should any of the readers here wish to get this report to the likes of Senator Zenophone, for example, you have my blessing.

I know this will not be an easy read for many but it is offered here in the hopes that it can be used to help governments, civil litigants, writers and others point out and stop abuses.

Here is to love and to great justice.

Larry Brennan

#151 Literacy Improves Without Study Tech

Posted by Rhythm on 28 August 2009 - 02:04 PM

From a recent study at Stanford University, it seems that literacy has improved without Hubbard's plagiarized and perverted "Study Tech".
What factor has helped these students excel? Scientology's bane. The institution that David Miscavige and his brainwashed entourage said was "run by criminals".
I am referring to the internet, that communications medium which organized scientology regards as an "external influence", "entheta" and "evil". You see, captive scientologists believe that you can only improve your ability to communicate by doing robotic staring and speaking drills or following instructions from a scientology counsellor in an auditing session.
Granted, knowing the definitions of the words you write, read, speak or hear are necessary to be fluent in a language. (What are dictionaries for and why have they been around for hundreds of years?) Didn't Virginia Waddy document that in her 1889 book, Elements of Composition and Rhetoric in chapter 8? The finding that the very act of communicating can improve one's ability to communicate will probably be dismissed by captive scientologists as "psych influenced" or "false data". Nevertheless, it is fact.
Sorry, Ron. Today we will not clap and cheer to your picture. Instead, we applaud the fine research that Andrea Lunsford, professor of writing and rhetoric at Stanford University, is facilitating in the area of student literacy.

#98 Narconon 501C3

Posted by Homeward Bound on 08 August 2009 - 09:21 PM

Narconons are under IRS investigation for abuse of tax exempt status. It's just a matter of time for some. 'Personal inurement' means personal gain and Narconon Stone Hawk was busted for this. Co-owner Kate Wickstrom sued her ex husband, their company and and Narconon Int, which goes into details what was going on.


Hope this info is encouraging :)

Very interesting information! I suspect it is just the tip of the iceberg. Organized scientology really screwed up on the above. They pretty much had worked out every legal signifance possible to drain most of the money out of their front groups including Narconon. Guess they really sliped up leaving enough behind so that it could inure to private benefit. I guess David Miscavige has some more beatings to do on those responsible for this.

#887 Interview on the role of corporate psychopaths in the global financial collapse

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 30 March 2013 - 02:58 PM

You always have done nice clean interviews, clear questions, and your guests have really been informative.

I've learned a lot from your interviews and will continue to re-listen to my favorites.

One would have thought that community college radio would allow locals like you to continue providing shows for your local community.

You had a boatload of excellent guests!

Thanks Tom!

Chuck Beatty
in Pittsburgh

#872 The Edge interview on the suspicious death of Kyle Brennan

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 23 December 2012 - 05:49 PM

The KR that Jerry Gentile (Denise's husband) wrote, sounds fishy to me, and my first educated guess was that the KR was a compiled KR from info that OSA Clearwater, likely Peter Mansell, gathered and re-wrote in the name of Jerry.

It's a scrubbed and highly clinical detailed KR, sounds unbelievably like something only OSA Legal people write, it is totally has the "time, place, form, event" and reads like an OSA timetrack writeup.

The KR is available to be read, it's circulating, I saw a copy of it.

I cannot believe, it was written by Jerry, unless he was fed back the exact details for which he then typed up the KR.

Because it is a crafted KR, my opinion, it deflects legal judgements about this KR. Because it is written by Jerry Gentile, it to me should be focused on,and Jerry Gentile if a good lawyer was properly coached, could get Jerry to sputter a LOT of inconsistent answers, if Jerry were asked in detail questions about his KR (not his, my opinion), and because it's so very likely NOT his KR, he could be "tripped up".

In real life, behind the scenes, Denise Gentile also likely wrote a KR, to OSA Clearwater or to OSA Int, and her KR ought be have put into the evidence.

Tom Brennan also would have likely been ordered to "write up" what he experienced, and Tom's "KR" ought be also have been put into the evidence.

Why Jerry Gentile addressed the KR to OSA Int person(s) is also highly suggestive that he was either told to write that KR.

Why Jerry even so closedly surveiled the Policeman who was on the scene, and Jerry was recording the questions, that perfectly, with the answers, is just more like a KR that OSA Clearwater wrote and submitted to RTC, since this case is ALL about Denise Gentile's fucked up student pseudo-therapist messed up "auditing" (Hubbard pseudo-therapy) because Tom Brennan was Denise's 'student preclear"!!!

This case is all about slick coverup, by Scientology OSA, to keep Denise's negligence, out of the story, minimally.

Denise was on the phone pleading with Victoria, the Sunday before Kyle's death (5 days later on Friday), asking Victoria to help urge Kyle go to Narconon!!!!

Other evidence in the case is the Flag Service Org Master At Arms' Handling Program written that Tom was required to execute, to handle Tom's situation with Kyle being on psych drugs and under psych care, in order that Denise, Tom's student auditor, could continue to take Tom in session.

Denise was doing her Academy Levels student auditng on Tom, and that auditing was stopped, because Tom needed to first handle Ky'e's being on psych drugs.

Kyle was Tom's problem, because of Scientology's rules.

Denise couldn't audit Tom, until Tom finished his "Handling Program" with Kyle's psych drug use being the KEY most important first step, a step that's been deemed priest penitent and blocked out, in the Scientology submited self admitted evidence, Scientology admits the FSO MAA wrote Tom Brennan a handling program, to deal with Kyle.

We who know what the details of this programs MUST have contained, because we know the Hubbard "scriptures" (think cult rules system rules for "scriptures"), we know Denise couldn't audit her guinea pig student preclear (patient), Tom, until Tom was free of his family situation with his son engaging in a suppressive activity, namely taking psych drugs.

It's so messy, when a cult leader, Hubbard, makes his prejudices into "church" policy, and church followers tie themselves in knots and pressure themselves into inhumane reactions on their non Scientology family members, in supreme ignorance, and tragedies are directly and indirectly caused.

Our legal system is just incapable of understanding this.

Scientology's actual "Handling Program" the full version, was apparantly initially viewed by the original judge on the first case, and that judge could NOT have understood the full implication, I know, and I wish I could have been in Ken Dandar's brain, to help him, to submit to that judge, who was allowed to read the Flag Service Org Master At Arm's "Handling Program" for Tom Brennan, because in that Handling Program would be the information to connect the dots.

Denise was pressuring Tom to complete the "Handling Program". She was Tom's student therapist, like a student barbar, and her patient, Tom, was the student barber's customer. Denise was just trying to make sure Tom came out okay, within the Hubbard rules, and Tom was cooperative, since Denise is a big wheel name, she's the twin sister of David Miscavige, and it's pretty unthinkable NOT to follow any orders from her, and Tom was her employee in addition to being Denise's guinea pig student therapy patient!!

And the Flag Service Org Master a Arms, makes the Flag Service Org directly connected to this death, since Tom was the one negligent or worse, in Kyle's death!

That's just the fact, too bad our legal system didn't get this, at least not yet.

thankyou Lawyer Luke for taking on this case!

despite the "loss" in the courts, the world absolutely knows Scientology's Hubbard, is really the guy who wrote this Scientology cult rules script of anti psychiatry prejudice, that played out, via the "Handling Program" which so obviously directly preceded Tom Brennan's behavior with Kyle, directly leading up to Kyle's death!

The lawyers on this case, were right to pursue it.

Hubbard is the guilty party, in world history, and his followers are the guilty parties, in acting in ways to deny psychiatric care.

Hubbard's exorcism, is the Scientology alternative, to psychiatry.

Hubbard believed that human beings' deepest irrationality stems from mental implanting, which we all received in past lives, and additionally, we are all infested with clusters of dead souls that co-habit our bodies and these surplus souls, "body thetans", are all to varying degrees leaking the mentally debilitating past lives implants out of their soul minds into our mind. Hubbard's solution, ultimately, is to rid a person of these surplus hitchhiking "body thetans" that infest each of us, and when the souls are fully exorcised (it takes 5 of the 8 secret OT levels of Scientology to complete the exorcism in full), then we are finally fully mentally well and spiritually back in good shape.

Hubbard's rules would have pushed Tom to get Kyle off psych handlings, but the Hubbard Scientology fraudulent pseudo-therapy/exorcism rules tragically include a rule saying people who have had psychiatric drugs and care cannot DO Hubbard's pseudo-therapy/exorcism.

Hubbard's practice is wrong in all directions, and Hubbard is what infected Tom Brennan's head, and infected Denise Brennan's head, and infected the Flag Service Org Master At Arms' head, and infected the Clearwater OSA meister Peter Mansell's head, so they cannot see how they caused Kyle's death.

That was a cult does, that's what a cult leader like Hubbard causes the world.

It will be a long battle undoing Scientology's/Hubbard's prejudices.

#803 Important Course on Critical Thinking for Anyone Who Ever Called Themselves a...

Posted by Rhythm on 29 June 2012 - 12:07 PM

I know that many scientologists in the United States affiliate themselves with the Republican Party. I wonder if this is evidence of their influence from the Texas Republican Party 2012 platform:

Page 13, under "Educating our Children":

Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

Source document link: http://s3.amazonaws....tform-Final.pdf

#783 Personal Attacks And Vulgarity From The Owner Of Esmb

Posted by Alanzo on 19 June 2012 - 09:14 AM

I don't know.

I think OSA and Rinder both have been doing their best to infiltrate ESMB and "handle" it. Her arrest was definitely arranged by OSA because they had the evidence to give to the police, and the police were interested in anyone who might be a member of "Anonymous". It was disgusting what OSA did to Emma, and the disruption to her life, property and her family.

It was during this vulnerable time for Emma that she began to seek advice from Mike Rinder in his position as being "out" of the Church of Scientology.

If anyone has an admin dictionary, look up the definition of "False Flag Operation". It's in there. And during the sting of Gerry Armstrong in the early 80's, there is a video of Rinder running a false flag operation on Gerry in Griffith Park.

Scientologists WILL dramatize Scientology. And that part of the admin tech is most definitely part of Rinder's hat.

I'm not saying that I KNOW anything here. Any hypothesis can be arranged any way you want to fit any evidence you choose - or leave out.

​For anyone who is unfamiliar with the documentation on Mike Rinder's history of running False Flag Operations on critics, go to this link and see it for yourself:


(Note: the videos have been moved to youtube from that page. The videos can be found here: http://www.youtube.c...3744476D9B3C7B2 )

See any similarities?

I'm not saying that I KNOW anything about Mike Rinder's true present status as a Church of Scientology staff member.

What I am saying is that I would never, ever trust Mike Rinder to give me any "advice" ever.

That is for sure.

NOTE: Can't find the entry in the admin dictionary about False Flag Operation. My memory may not be so hot on this after 12 years of being out. It may be in the Data Series. Does anyone have the Data Series to look for this?

#73 St Petersburg Times - Strength In Numbers

Posted by revenimus on 05 August 2009 - 03:33 PM

Hi Mary,

Videos are all great. I spent a lot of time watching them initially and found them to be really revealing. As someone who never went "over the rainbow" I was shocked to find out that this kind of thing actually happens. I always pictured Scientology as a gigantic mind fuck but when I discovered it's actually physically harming people in this manner I was taken a back to say the least.

#724 Interview on the how and why of psychotherapy with Dr. Bruce Wampold

Posted by Rhythm on 03 February 2012 - 01:31 PM

#600 Non-Scientology Paths to Spiritual Freedom

Posted by MollyB on 04 August 2011 - 01:45 PM

I have found other paths to achieving what I hoped to get from Scientology. I want to share these other paths with you. Here's the short version: www.BodyTalkSystem.com, www.AroMeditation.org, and "The Essential Qigong Training Guide" by Ken Cohen, available at www.Amazon.com.

Here's more data. I was a very active Scientologist for over 40 years. I got huge, beneficial change from auditing and also from training and from over 10 years on staff at various orgs and ABLE groups. After doing OT V, I began to develop a lot of interest in the 8th Dynamic, which I couldn't do much about in Scientology. When I wasn't allowed onto OT VI, I began looking for alternative routes to spiritual freedom. I won't go into all the gory details here about the injustice of not being allowed to continue on the OT Levels and other unsatisfactory happenings -- there's a lot of data about that sort of thing in other posts.

I was very concerned about leaving the Church as I was afraid I was leaving the only effective spiritual path. I found out otherwise I have also found that alternative paths support my interest in the 8th Dynamic. (I don't mean here the Christian view of God.)

What have I gotten from these paths? In no particular order: greater happiness, greater ability, almost no case, less stress, very good health, never sick, more endurance when exercising, greater psychic abilities, greater ability to change conditions and help others, more ability to know and move towards my purposes, and the happy feeling that I'm on a path that leads me daily into a much higher spiritual state.

I found that I made very rapid progress, faster than usual, on these paths. I'm sure that's because of the auditing and training that I had in Scientology. One thing all these paths do is remove case -- having lost a lot of case in auditing, I had a leg up.

For over a year, I did Buddhist meditation. I know that Ron denigrates meditation as "looking inward." Ron wants us to look outward at the world. However, I find that meditation is not looking inward at all. It's connecting up with the 8th Dynamic.

I highly recommend a series of free weekly e-mailed lessons from a Tibetan Buddhist website called www.AroMeditation.org. This website has a great glossary that defines many of the technical terms. It's hard to find so here's the link: http://arobuddhism.o...sary/Itemid,80/ (However, I found the main book that they sell mostly incomprehensible -- the weekly e-mailed lessons are easier.)

The weekly lessons aren't 100% clear, but are clear enough to get you to start meditating. Just do the lessons as best you can, and you'll start seeing changes, including losing case. Yes, LOSING CASE. It's been 3 years since I started Aro and the case I've lost didn't come back. It's not a matter of a key-out; it's gone, dissolved by the Theta that is generated as one meditates.

After I did the weekly Aro Meditation lessons, which last about a year, I started to feel I was plateauing and got antsy for more instruction. I found a helpful book called "Genuine Happiness, Meditation as the Path to Fulfillment" by B. Alan Wallace. However, I don’t know that I would have gotten much out of it had I not done the Aro Meditation lessons first. For about 6 months, I did the various forms of meditation described in this book.

Again, I began to feel that I was plateauing. I started Body Talk. This is a system for losing case and for increasing Theta and spiritual abilities. It works faster than Scientology is much, much, much easier. No pressure, no heavy organization, lower cost. I started with a book called "Body Talk System" available on www.Amazon.com. Got huge gains. Then took a 1 day class for $150.

I've taken a 2-day or 4-day class every 3 months for the last year. I'll have run thru all of them soon and will then be learning from a DVD set. I've been able to help myself handle many, many physical, mental, spiritual issues. Body Talk addresses directly the most basic phenomena addressed on the OT levels that I've done. I'm hoping that the increase of Theta that it creates addresses the rest of OT phenomena. We'll see.

Also, I can help others with BodyTalk -- more easily. This is everything that I had hoped to gain from Scientology. And it's better.

In the last 6 months, I've also added Qigong meditation, from the book-CD-DVD set listed at the top of this post. I prefer this form of Taoist meditation to the Aro (Buddhist meditation) that I started with. Don't know how I would have liked Qigong if I had started with it and not done other forms of meditation first, since I never tried that.

Leaving Scientology was extremely difficult for me spiritually -- I was afraid that I might be losing the possibility of spiritual freedom. It was tricky and lengthy to cut the communication with the Church. I was a senior staff member of an ABLE group when I started cutting ties. I started by telling a couple of Scientologists in my AB LE group that I was very close with that I was doing Buddhist meditation -- as that's another religion and a Scientologist can practice other religions. So that they wouldn't freak out and start writing reports, I told them that I had sent a report up-lines about this along with LRH quotes about how Scientologists can also practice other religions (I had sent the report, and TR3d it when I got no reply). And I continued on from there, reducing ties. While staying in ARC and replying to e-mails from Scientology friends, I gradually decreased the ties and comm.

I'm keeping this anonymous because I maintain light occasional comm with a few remaining Scientology friends whom I have not told about doing other practices.

I feel fortunate that I handled a great deal of case and increased my abilities through Scientology. I also feel very fortunate to have found even stronger and more efficient paths forward. I'm very happy about how all this has worked out.

#597 Hubbard's anti-psychiatry attitudes deconstructed

Posted by Rhythm on 29 July 2011 - 11:27 AM

Interview with Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Wiseman.

#42 Narconon 501C3

Posted by AnonyMary on 02 August 2009 - 03:08 PM

So if Narconon is really a "non-profit" why do some of their execs get $4,000 a week pay checks?

Why does Scientology get away with everything, and all we get is free will?

Narconons are under IRS investigation for abuse of tax exempt status. It's just a matter of time for some. 'Personal inurement' means personal gain and Narconon Stone Hawk was busted for this. Co-owner Kate Wickstrom sued her ex husband, their company and and Narconon Int, which goes into details what was going on.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
More Narconon Tax liens

Kate Wickstrom's Narconon Lawsuit : see all the dox in this case, which was recently settled, especially those related to TIA Corp, The Wickstrom's company that rented out the St Mary's property for personal gain .



PER A. WICKSTROM, Individually,
TIA CORPORATION, a Michigan corporation,
CENTER INC., a Michican non-profit corporation, and
NARCONON INTERNATIONAL, a foreign non-profit corporation

Jointly and Severally as Co-Defendants.


Hope this info is encouraging :)

#294 David Miscavige Sued, Summons Issued 11.25.09

Posted by Homeward Bound on 25 November 2009 - 10:14 PM

This is to announce that as of today, November 25, 2009, David Miscavige has been sued and a summons has been issued notifying him of the complaint.

Also sued are defendants Church of Scientology International, Religious Technology Center and does 1-20.

A copy of the complaint can be found at: http://www.scribd.co...int-filed112509

The suit has been brought on behalf of John Lindstein by attorneys Barry Van Sickle and Graham Berry for, amongst other things, human trafficking.

Read how John started working for organized scientology at 8 years old and was working 15 hour days at manual labor by the age of 10. At the age of 12 John was taken from school and hired by Golden Era Productions.

This complaint does not go into the detail that some of the other complaints have gone into but it does list various labor and other abuses carried out on John by the scientology enterprise.

The complaint covers that David Miscavige controls the entire scientology enterprise and is the chief perpetrator of the torts and violations of law including the crime of human trafficking.

The complaint points out how the entire scientology enterprise is essentially a sham designed to hide and obscure the absolute and unchecked control by David Miscavige who is personally responsible for the violations of law listed.

I will leave the rest to those who wish to read the complaint.

Oh how young are the children taken and abused by this insidious cult!

I pray that the FBI and other appropriate governmental bodies take notice, defend our children and do something about organized scientology and their sickening practices of human trafficking and other forms of abuse.

I leave you with these few words from a summons issued today, November 25, 2009: "David Miscavige...you are being sued by ...John Lindstein". The body of the summons starts with this message to David Miscavige: "NOTICE! You have been sued".

It is begun!

#258 Claire Headly Vs. Csi & Rtc 10.09 Update

Posted by Homeward Bound on 28 October 2009 - 08:16 PM

This is a brief partial update on the Claire Headley vs. RTC and CSI case as of October 2009.

This update covers the filing of one document in the case. Any more information to be released at this point re the case will likely be done by Marc or Claire as they deem relevant.

First of all, both Marc's and Claire's cases have been set for jury trail in November 2010.

A document recently filed in the case summarizing what the case is about, the main issues and the current state of the case can be found at the following link:


Of note, is the following from the filing:

from section D:

"Similarly, Plaintiff contends that not only is the business nature of RTC and CSI relevant, inurement to the boss is also relevant. This would include, in Plaintiff’s view, that the driving goal is to make money and that the wealth of the Scientology enterprise inures to the benefit of its sole leader, David Miscavige. Plaintiff submits that the financial power, significant salary, hidden income, and benefits of running the Scientology empire show the commercial nature of the enterprise and that it is the personal business of Mr. Miscavige. Defendant presumably disagrees".

from section J:

Plaintiff plans to take the depositions of David Miscavige, Shelly Miscavige, and the depositions of witnesses disclosed by defendant or suggested by documents produced in discovery.
Plaintiff will seek financial records of defendants including records of sales, license fees, trade secret agreements, contract work, salaries, and inurement to David Miscavige. Plaintiff will also seek documentation of the license agreements and similar documents under which RTC and CSI control access to the trademarks, copyrights and purported trade secrets of L. Ron Hubbard.....".

Also of note is this from section S:


This case has unusual issues. There are now a large number of former workers who have potentially relevant evidence, however, an unknown number of the former workers, and potential witnesses, are afraid to speak out. Some have signed “confidentiality’ agreements with penalty clauses labeled liquidated damage agreements, and believe that they can be sued for telling the truth about their scientology adventure. (Plaintiff was forced to sign such an agreement when she was demoted from RTC.) There are potential witnesses who have been essentially bought off with forgiveness of purported debt known as “freeloader debt. At least one witness is not in this suit because of threats made against his family relationships. There are witnesses who reasonably believe they will be declared suppressive persons and labeled “fair game” if they testify for Plaintiff.

Plaintiff contends that defendants should be forced to disclose the persons involved in this activity, the identity of potential witnesses and claimants contacted the identity of all who signed agreements or waivers of this nature, and all of the documents and purported confidentiality agreements generated by this inappropriate activity. Plaintiff may then move for relief and seek an order that will assure witnesses that they cannot be penalized thousands of dollars for serving as witnesses in this case".

Separate to this filing, a partial witness list has been made for the upcoming trial. It is extensive but is not being included here due to concerns for the privacy of the witnesses. I waive my own right to this privacy and list here what is included in that private filing under my name:

"Larry Brennan:
Former high executive knowledgeable on historical development of scientology corporate structure, and reasons for “church” to have elaborate corporate structure to hide control, assets, true management structure and similar attempts to present misleading facade to public. Also took part in efforts to shield operations and scientology orgs by use of religious cloaking. Knowledgeable on wide range of scientology topics based on his management experience. Also knowledgeable on Hubbard writings".

This is as much as I can update the cases right now. Again, anything more will either also be a public record or will likely be released by Marc or Claire as they see fit.

Stay tuned for what IMO will be an announcement of additional litigation involving David Miscavige, the abusive leader of organized scientology who is behind all of this.

- Homeward Bound

blog: larrybren.blogspot.com

#23 Keeping Scientology Working And Otiii

Posted by Robbo on 30 July 2009 - 10:59 AM

Hey folks,

After being away from the movement and then looking at it again, there are some things I had to accept (mentioned on other sites).

That Incident II (OT III) did not happen on this planet is not my opinion, but it is a truth that is extant, with or without any one's opinion to support or deny it. Just a couple of obvious pieces of evidence:

-- You know all those volcanoes? They didn't exist 75 million years ago. The shape of the world back then was completely different than it is now or lately.
-- If anyone planted an H Bomb on all these volcanoes and simultaneously blew them up, with technology today, evidence that such an event took place would be clear.
-- If billions of people lived here in a Space Opera paradigm prior to Inc II, evidence of such would have been detected.

I no longer believe OT III occured. And with that realization, I no longer could believe in BTs and CLs.

Even though I no longer practice SCN, I agree with parts of the Auditor's Code. I also agree that the entire upper level is most definetly an eval, telling a PreOT what s/he should think about their case. And in this case, telling a PreOT to believe in something that never happened borders on being insidious.

The major purpose of the Lower Grades wasn't necessarily to release those native abilities as much as it was to just sluff off charge in order to get the PC into the upper levels. That could be sound reasoning if the upper levels existed.

But there's also the datum about auditing the PC in front of you. The grades is a cookie cutter program. It isn't tailored for the PC and isn't necessarily designed to handle what's bugging the PC. If you look at it, how a case is stacked up IS NOT the same from PC to PC. How can one expect it all to be resolved by one program? Hubbard talks about going up the Bridge as peeling an onion, hence "The Bridge" is justified. The case could be looked at as an onion but the layers from PC to PC are different. One PC's "outer layer" could be stuff that'll resolve with Grade O processes, but another PC's outer layer could best be peeled by using Grade IV processes and if it reads well and the PC is interested, it should be addressed, then and there and not bypassed.

The whole Bridge, as a program, violates the auditor's code.

In all the hours I spent as an auditor, no PC originated any bit of the upper levels as Hubbard described them. I believe if "implant" were never brought up by Hubbard, "implants" wouldn't have come up in sessions. IF the lower levels did sluff off enough charge and increase one's awareness and confront to deal with the upper levels, don't you think the PC would have naturally brought those incidents up without having to be told about them? It didn't happen in my experience.

Another questionable thing is "ownership". Quite frankly, assigning "source" and responsibility for one's "PSEAs", to another, is the epitome of irresponsibility, IMHO. It especially becomes confusing when one realizes BTs and CLs, as Hubbard describes them, don't exist or at best are questionable. What gains could be had by a PC, made to audit another Spiritual Entity's case? What for? Oh, the Spiritual Entity is bugging the PC? Why not handle the PC and not the other entity?

I believe, stemming from Hubbard's chronic paranoia (for one thing) EvPurps has been made a corner stone for case and "handlings" incorporated into a lot of processes. More hokey-poke. More eval.

But this all seems to ruin The Bridge. What's left for a PC to do?

Rob Williamson

#204 Hubbard's Barley Water Formula For Babies Of Stupid Parents

Posted by Homeward Bound on 26 September 2009 - 12:40 PM

And to think I used the formula blindly on my two children! There are so many things to regret once you break through the veil of mind control and actually see what you've swallowed whole!

I can't help but have a similar feeling here.

I had a daughter born in the Sea Org and after a time we put her on that insane barley formula because it was LRH who recommended it. I feel completely betrayed and like a fool that I did this and can only hope that it has no lasting negative effects in my daughter.

Some years later I consented to having my daughter do the purif rundown. Again, because I blindly believed in Hubbard's "brilliance", I risked harm to the person I loved the most.

It sickens me to realize now that Hubbard was not only incompetent in these areas but he also was a fraud, pretending great knowledge that he did not have.

His constant lies about his accomplishments, his education, his war record, and his life in general serve to paint a false picture of one who cares more about his own "status", money, etc. than he does others. It is a huge betrayal of the trust we all put in him on these subjects and many more I am sure.

He preached often of what a wonderful man he was who took no money for his work for organized scientology, while through back channels tens of millions of dollars was secretly funneled to him for what amounts to little or no exchange of value. And countless people were beaten, gang bang sec checked, extorted, threatened with loss of family and otherwise abused so as to get money to this man.

How sick is this!

I believe that it is incumbent on those of us who know of such things as the above, to speak out and do something to help prevent these abuses and dangerous practices from being used on others, this time to line the pockets or otherwise the "power-base" of David Miscavige.

#179 Xenu -- Scientology's Achilles Heel -- The Silver Bullet

Posted by revenimus on 12 September 2009 - 10:26 AM

Hubbard forces them to lie because advanced levels (beginning with OT-III) are not to be publicly discussed outside of an A/O. Therefore, it's kind of a mish-mosh of ideas and policies.

#141 Omerta - Coerced Silence

Posted by Rhythm on 23 August 2009 - 08:05 PM

Omerta is a word in the Sicilian dialect of Italian that means, "the categorical prohibition of cooperation with state authorities or reliance on its services, even when one has been victim of a crime." The practice of Omerta happens to be used in organized scientology. Recently, we have witnessed retaliative libel and harassment, in the form of a bulk mailed magazine, against former scientology staff members who gave statements to the St. Petersburg Times about numerous instances of assault and battery from corporate head David Miscavige. While Miscavige may have been motivated by a tenet of scientology, "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause", the coerced silence of witnesses who want to remain scientologists is demanded in Hubbard's list of "suppressive acts" such as: "Public disavowal of scientology or scientologists in good standing with scientology organizations", "Public statements against scientology or scientologists but not to committees of evidence duly convened", "Reporting or threatening to report scientology or scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress scientology or scientologists from practicing or receiving standard scientology", "Writing anti-scientology letters to the press or giving anti-scientology or anti-scientologist data to the press", "Delivering up the person of a scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law."
The soldiers employed by organized scientology followed up the St. Petersburg Times article with coerced and falsified affidavits in a feeble, criminal attempt to mop up their cult Capo's past infliction of cuts and bruises.

The "high crimes" quoted here from Hubbard fall under the definition of Omerta. This being the case, is organized scientology nothing more than a criminal enterprise, similar to the Mafia?

#14 Keeping Scientology Working And Otiii

Posted by Lionheart on 29 July 2009 - 12:14 PM

Scientologists, whether they are in the CofS or FreeZone, appear to have one thing in common in that they don't think OTIII is a code-breaking evaluation.

When I left, part of working through my doubts was to make a point of finding out what OTIII was in order to judge if I was missing out on anything valuable.

In those pre-internet days, the only non-church source that I knew of was Kaufman's book "Inside Scientology". So I read it and it struck me immediately that OTIII was a code-breaking evaluation. It was radically different to the more open, less evalautive tech of the lower/public levels. So I concluded I was missing nothing valuable as I certainly wasm't interested in having Ron tell me specifically what was the cause of any case that I may or may not have.

LRH OTIII evaluations
  • Your body has degraded beings, called Body Thetans attached to it.
  • These BTs are the cause of your case at this level.
  • You can detect these BT's by looking for pressure points in and around the body. A pressure point indicates a BT or cluster of BTs as the cause.
  • These BTs are also formed into groups called clusters. You have BTs and clusters of them and they are influencing you.
  • These BTs were degraded by being shipped to earth 75 million years ago by someone called Xenu, who deposited them in volcanoes at specific locations and blew them up. These thetans were then gathered up by electonic ribbons and implanted at either Hawaii or Las Palmas with images and concepts in a sort of movie theatre for 36 days.
  • Your OTIII case (overwhelm) is handled by running these BTs, that are attached to you, through this 75 million year old incident.
  • If that doesn't handle the BTs influence on you, you run the BT through a much earlier incident involving a chariot, a cherub and a sudden flash and snapping noise.
  • This is your only hope and your only chance to handle your case and reverse your dwindling spiral.
  • This data is dangerous and will cause pneumonia and death if contacted before your case is set up to contact it.
  • If correctly set up you can safely navigate this "wall of fire" thanks to the above LRH discoveries/evaluations.
  • This is the explanation for the current state of individuals and society in this sector of the galaxy.
  • You have to run this data exactly as instructed by Ron's directions or else you are doomed for eternity.

These are all things that LRH tells you about OTIII and about what to run. Why would any scientologist not see this as an evaluation as to what to think about their "case"?

If one were publically told lower down the grade chart that a case phenomenon was caused by and resolved as above, one would have no difficulty is seeing it as an evaluation.

For example if we were told on Grade II that every case must be run on an early overt from 50 million years ago of having squeezed an apple so hard that its pips popped out reducing the innocent apple to a pulp. that every case had this overt, that every case had witheld the overt, that every case must run out this O/W on the "cider rundown" in order to be free from the effects of cider, we would have no difficulty in recognising this as a code break evaluation.

Yet OTIII is argued by its advocates as not an evaluation! Huh? One can only assume that a person must be so overwhelmed that he doesn't see the evaluation and suggestion involved in Hubbard's "tech breakthrough"!

But seriously, overwhelm is probably the key to this. A hypnotist knows that he can induce attention fixidity by directing a person's attention on one thing to the exclusion of other things. This trance is a sort of overwhelm that excludes other thoughts, ideas and observations. Once overwhelmed by this attention-fixing trance, the hypnotist can implant ideas and concepts (positive or negative) and determine behaviour patters without the subject realising that they have been told what to think, see or do. They will think the idea or behaviour is self-determined.

Hubbard was an expert hypnotist - according to those who knew him.

Hubbard, through the vehicle of scientology, directed our attention. He repeated certain things over and over (as in the repetion of KSW) until we "knew" scn was the only ever solution to our "case". He let us know throughly that there was a mysterious, dangerous explanation to the current state of civilisation (he even publically evaluated the date as 75 million years ago). He let us know that getting through the "wall of fire" was the only chance of overcoming this and overcoming the overwhelm involved.

He repeatedly directed our attention to these things, and hinted/suggested at the explanation in his posters, lectures, book covers, etc.

In this way he fixed a scientologist's attention on OTIII. He overwhelmed/fixated us with the overwhelming concept of overwhelm.

He made sure we were "suggestible" or "under" his hypnosis with various tests and teasing "wins" that go under the general term of lower level scientology. Many dropped out, because they didn't buy into the evaluations/suggestions presented at lower levels.

This didn't bother LRH because he was sifting out the suggestible subjects, just like a hypnotist does. He only wanted the suggestible, because he only wanted slaves who would do what he wanted. So he wanted those who were less suggestible to leave! PTS/SP declares, ethics cycles, word clearing, success story writing, etc are the techniques he used to sift out those who were less suggestible. "If they are going to quit, let them quit fast" KSW.

So in this way and using repetiton and the carrot of "wins" to encourage deeper belief, he selected his subjects for his ultimate hypnosis. He got his overwhelmed, fixated, suggestible slaves.

If you were found to have "certainty" on the scientology tech, to have qualified for the ultimate secret, the ultimate solution of the OT levels, you were allowed on. Where you were given the ultimate hypnotic suggestion as outlined in the bullet points above. And because you were proven to be a good hypnotic subject, you didn't notice the hypnotist's hypnotic commands, which in this context we are calling "evaluations".

Because you had bought in to the many earlier suggestions and the source-ness of LRH, you found that BT's and incidents and dates, etc would read on the meter, because you had allowed LRH's overwhelm and suggestions/evaluations into yourself.

Similarly you don't notice the "evaluations", just like a hypnotised subject thinks the suggestions are self-determined, you also think the data of OTIII as you see it, is your own. It is "real" and the meter confirms the "reality" of it.

You explain away the cognitive disonance of accepting LRH's data and simultaneously thinking of it as your own, you explain that contradiction away by saying the OTIII evaluations are just guidelines, parables, metaphores. Or you argue that whether the data is true or not, you get "wins" from running it. These are all just justifications for not noticing what Ron did.

The stated EP of OTIII is freedom from overwhelm - the actual EP is overwhelm and unthinking acceptance of Hubbard's commands. One could even argue that the influence of these supposed BTs is replaced on OTIII by Hubbard's influence.

And Ron, the hypnotist, thus fulfilled the ambition of his affirmation "men are your slaves" and he produced his army of Sea Org and "OTs" who replicated his personality so that his personality would live forever and smash its way into history, as per his affirmations.

Is OTIII an evaluation?

Look at the bullet points above and imagine a stage hypnotist saying those things to a member of the audience that he has selected out as suggestible.

This is how and why scientology "works" and how it is kept working - it is all explained by Ron in "Keeping Scientology Working" - we just didn't notice what he was really saying! It was a good stage trick that Ron pulled on us!