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#43 St Petersburg Times - Strength In Numbers

Posted by AnonyMary on 02 August 2009 - 03:14 PM

Four more brave people have come forward speaking out against the organized criminal cult of Scientology and a few others were interviewed without video. Startling revelations from people who have, in some cases been out of the cult for twenty years.


Kudos to those who spoke up!

The video interviews in this series are very good to watch:





here's a link to the first series:

Mary McConnell

#290 David Miscavige And Organized Scientology - My New Ebook

Posted by Homeward Bound on 22 November 2009 - 05:48 PM

I would like to announce the release of my first “ebook”.

The cover of the ebook is not yet ready but I wanted to release it now anyway as it may be of value to important current happenings such as what is going on with Senator Zenophone in Australia.

The ebook, or call it “paper”, can be found at the following link:


And, you may soon be able to download it at:


The work is free of charge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 http://creativecommo...nses/by/3.0/us/

This means anyone is free to copy, distribute and transmit the work and to adapt the work but you need to attribute what you do back to this original work.

The title of the work is:

- The Collected Works of L. H. Brennan – Volume 1”

It is subtitled:

“The Miscavige Legal Statements: A Study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection”
Written by Larry Brennan
[Edited and Compiled by Anonymous w/<3]

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks and love to Anonymous for the incredible help in putting this together.

As the name implies, it is based on a series of my works indexed at my blog: larrybren.blogspot.com

It contains first hand information on the subject. My involvement and background within organized scientology is detailed near the end of the ebook in an attempt to show that this information is both first hand and credible (as much of this is going to be denied by David Miscavige and those who speak for him).

We are entering a time now where the abuses of David Miscavige and the organized scientology he controls are being brought into the light and are now being addressed both by governments and civil litigants. To the extent that this information may be of help in exposing and stopping the abuses it is offered freely for their use.

Should any of the readers here wish to get this report to the likes of Senator Zenophone, for example, you have my blessing.

I know this will not be an easy read for many but it is offered here in the hopes that it can be used to help governments, civil litigants, writers and others point out and stop abuses.

Here is to love and to great justice.

Larry Brennan

#151 Literacy Improves Without Study Tech

Posted by Rhythm on 28 August 2009 - 02:04 PM

From a recent study at Stanford University, it seems that literacy has improved without Hubbard's plagiarized and perverted "Study Tech".
What factor has helped these students excel? Scientology's bane. The institution that David Miscavige and his brainwashed entourage said was "run by criminals".
I am referring to the internet, that communications medium which organized scientology regards as an "external influence", "entheta" and "evil". You see, captive scientologists believe that you can only improve your ability to communicate by doing robotic staring and speaking drills or following instructions from a scientology counsellor in an auditing session.
Granted, knowing the definitions of the words you write, read, speak or hear are necessary to be fluent in a language. (What are dictionaries for and why have they been around for hundreds of years?) Didn't Virginia Waddy document that in her 1889 book, Elements of Composition and Rhetoric in chapter 8? The finding that the very act of communicating can improve one's ability to communicate will probably be dismissed by captive scientologists as "psych influenced" or "false data". Nevertheless, it is fact.
Sorry, Ron. Today we will not clap and cheer to your picture. Instead, we applaud the fine research that Andrea Lunsford, professor of writing and rhetoric at Stanford University, is facilitating in the area of student literacy.

#887 Interview on the role of corporate psychopaths in the global financial collapse

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 30 March 2013 - 02:58 PM

You always have done nice clean interviews, clear questions, and your guests have really been informative.

I've learned a lot from your interviews and will continue to re-listen to my favorites.

One would have thought that community college radio would allow locals like you to continue providing shows for your local community.

You had a boatload of excellent guests!

Thanks Tom!

Chuck Beatty
in Pittsburgh

#872 The Edge interview on the suspicious death of Kyle Brennan

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 23 December 2012 - 05:49 PM

The KR that Jerry Gentile (Denise's husband) wrote, sounds fishy to me, and my first educated guess was that the KR was a compiled KR from info that OSA Clearwater, likely Peter Mansell, gathered and re-wrote in the name of Jerry.

It's a scrubbed and highly clinical detailed KR, sounds unbelievably like something only OSA Legal people write, it is totally has the "time, place, form, event" and reads like an OSA timetrack writeup.

The KR is available to be read, it's circulating, I saw a copy of it.

I cannot believe, it was written by Jerry, unless he was fed back the exact details for which he then typed up the KR.

Because it is a crafted KR, my opinion, it deflects legal judgements about this KR. Because it is written by Jerry Gentile, it to me should be focused on,and Jerry Gentile if a good lawyer was properly coached, could get Jerry to sputter a LOT of inconsistent answers, if Jerry were asked in detail questions about his KR (not his, my opinion), and because it's so very likely NOT his KR, he could be "tripped up".

In real life, behind the scenes, Denise Gentile also likely wrote a KR, to OSA Clearwater or to OSA Int, and her KR ought be have put into the evidence.

Tom Brennan also would have likely been ordered to "write up" what he experienced, and Tom's "KR" ought be also have been put into the evidence.

Why Jerry Gentile addressed the KR to OSA Int person(s) is also highly suggestive that he was either told to write that KR.

Why Jerry even so closedly surveiled the Policeman who was on the scene, and Jerry was recording the questions, that perfectly, with the answers, is just more like a KR that OSA Clearwater wrote and submitted to RTC, since this case is ALL about Denise Gentile's fucked up student pseudo-therapist messed up "auditing" (Hubbard pseudo-therapy) because Tom Brennan was Denise's 'student preclear"!!!

This case is all about slick coverup, by Scientology OSA, to keep Denise's negligence, out of the story, minimally.

Denise was on the phone pleading with Victoria, the Sunday before Kyle's death (5 days later on Friday), asking Victoria to help urge Kyle go to Narconon!!!!

Other evidence in the case is the Flag Service Org Master At Arms' Handling Program written that Tom was required to execute, to handle Tom's situation with Kyle being on psych drugs and under psych care, in order that Denise, Tom's student auditor, could continue to take Tom in session.

Denise was doing her Academy Levels student auditng on Tom, and that auditing was stopped, because Tom needed to first handle Ky'e's being on psych drugs.

Kyle was Tom's problem, because of Scientology's rules.

Denise couldn't audit Tom, until Tom finished his "Handling Program" with Kyle's psych drug use being the KEY most important first step, a step that's been deemed priest penitent and blocked out, in the Scientology submited self admitted evidence, Scientology admits the FSO MAA wrote Tom Brennan a handling program, to deal with Kyle.

We who know what the details of this programs MUST have contained, because we know the Hubbard "scriptures" (think cult rules system rules for "scriptures"), we know Denise couldn't audit her guinea pig student preclear (patient), Tom, until Tom was free of his family situation with his son engaging in a suppressive activity, namely taking psych drugs.

It's so messy, when a cult leader, Hubbard, makes his prejudices into "church" policy, and church followers tie themselves in knots and pressure themselves into inhumane reactions on their non Scientology family members, in supreme ignorance, and tragedies are directly and indirectly caused.

Our legal system is just incapable of understanding this.

Scientology's actual "Handling Program" the full version, was apparantly initially viewed by the original judge on the first case, and that judge could NOT have understood the full implication, I know, and I wish I could have been in Ken Dandar's brain, to help him, to submit to that judge, who was allowed to read the Flag Service Org Master At Arm's "Handling Program" for Tom Brennan, because in that Handling Program would be the information to connect the dots.

Denise was pressuring Tom to complete the "Handling Program". She was Tom's student therapist, like a student barbar, and her patient, Tom, was the student barber's customer. Denise was just trying to make sure Tom came out okay, within the Hubbard rules, and Tom was cooperative, since Denise is a big wheel name, she's the twin sister of David Miscavige, and it's pretty unthinkable NOT to follow any orders from her, and Tom was her employee in addition to being Denise's guinea pig student therapy patient!!

And the Flag Service Org Master a Arms, makes the Flag Service Org directly connected to this death, since Tom was the one negligent or worse, in Kyle's death!

That's just the fact, too bad our legal system didn't get this, at least not yet.

thankyou Lawyer Luke for taking on this case!

despite the "loss" in the courts, the world absolutely knows Scientology's Hubbard, is really the guy who wrote this Scientology cult rules script of anti psychiatry prejudice, that played out, via the "Handling Program" which so obviously directly preceded Tom Brennan's behavior with Kyle, directly leading up to Kyle's death!

The lawyers on this case, were right to pursue it.

Hubbard is the guilty party, in world history, and his followers are the guilty parties, in acting in ways to deny psychiatric care.

Hubbard's exorcism, is the Scientology alternative, to psychiatry.

Hubbard believed that human beings' deepest irrationality stems from mental implanting, which we all received in past lives, and additionally, we are all infested with clusters of dead souls that co-habit our bodies and these surplus souls, "body thetans", are all to varying degrees leaking the mentally debilitating past lives implants out of their soul minds into our mind. Hubbard's solution, ultimately, is to rid a person of these surplus hitchhiking "body thetans" that infest each of us, and when the souls are fully exorcised (it takes 5 of the 8 secret OT levels of Scientology to complete the exorcism in full), then we are finally fully mentally well and spiritually back in good shape.

Hubbard's rules would have pushed Tom to get Kyle off psych handlings, but the Hubbard Scientology fraudulent pseudo-therapy/exorcism rules tragically include a rule saying people who have had psychiatric drugs and care cannot DO Hubbard's pseudo-therapy/exorcism.

Hubbard's practice is wrong in all directions, and Hubbard is what infected Tom Brennan's head, and infected Denise Brennan's head, and infected the Flag Service Org Master At Arms' head, and infected the Clearwater OSA meister Peter Mansell's head, so they cannot see how they caused Kyle's death.

That was a cult does, that's what a cult leader like Hubbard causes the world.

It will be a long battle undoing Scientology's/Hubbard's prejudices.

#780 Important Course on Critical Thinking for Anyone Who Ever Called Themselves a...

Posted by Alanzo on 18 June 2012 - 05:51 PM

Hubbard taught Scientologists from his very first book that the human mind, if freed from all "aberration" would work perfectly.

This assumption underlies the whole of the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.

This assumption, beyond any shade of doubt, has been proven completely false.

The Teaching Company sells recorded lectures by university professors which have a popular appeal to a wide audience. Some of them are really excellent and can be life changing. This course has been for me.


It is taught By Professor Steven Novella, M.D., Georgetown University, Yale School of Medicine, and it is kicking my ass.

I've read many books on critical thinking, but always in the context of logic, logical fallacies, etc. This course begins by showing you how flawed human perceptions, memory and thinking are, using well established experiments which show their flaws. Then, from within that context, it starts to teach you critical thinking skills.

Anyone who has ever been a Scientologist would benefit from this course.

#771 Interview with former scientology executive director Bill Franks

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 11 June 2012 - 07:57 AM

On the Mary Sue (Hubbard's last and most long term faithful wife, totally dedicated to him) issue, this is a huge piece of Hubbard's heartlessness. I think if ALL of the people's memories of those tumultuous times when LRH was most worried about being brought down, and HOW LRH is the one who doubted Mary Sue's "doing the right thing" and taking the fall for him, when both she and he knew that he was absolutely culpable for the Guardian's Office's misdeeds which the US Justice Dept correctly "letter of the law" nailed with total firmness, this interview with Bill's info and him giving more of the context shows to me even MORE, why it is so fricking important to someday get the Jimmy Mulligans, and the Jane Kembers, and the still alive ex GO biggies to add publicly their views.

If Lawrence Wright is even taking note of my comments, my BIG suggestion to the serious writers, and Lawrence is the ONLY world outside writer at this point in history in the game of even getting to this VERY important historical moment, there is this torturous psychological game that goes on, when a Scientologist "turns" against LRH.

And this moment, I believe it is true, that Mary Sue did NOT want to turn on LRH, but that she also was somewhat wishing to still be a part of his life, and I believe, it is written in Janet's book, Mary Sue did have a final meal with LRH out at Bonnie View, the old Bonnie View, at the Int Base.

But the moment of realizing that LRH and the movement needs you to "take the fall" (and Bill's seeing this as something on the horizon for himself as well), this moment and period for Mary Sue, must have been absolutely a mind ripping moment psychologically.

She knew LRH ordered and wrote ALL of the Guardian's Office most illegal tactics and overall policy. The Simon Bolivar policy is all about the fundamental theoretical basis for how to protect LRH. Mary Sue was absolutely guided by the Manuela failings which LRH brings up in the Simon Bolivar policy.

I truly think Bill is the best senior ex member to get his wits around the movement, and absolutely, NO writer has yet tapped into the psychological collapse that will occur in the senior ex member's minds, when they see the big guns of penalties being turned and aimed at themselves, and they see Hubbard is the one at the control switch.

I imagine also, that the GO and Miscavige did NOT wish Bill to be revealing what he was doing against her, and relaying to her, in all her final years, since she died in 2002 I believe, but I would like to know if Bill had chance to talk EVER with Mary Sue.

I so wish that one of the major burned execs of all time, Bill Franks, had chance to swap stories with other burned executives, and fill in history on their different sides of the turmoil, back in those moments when those major players were actually pitted against each other, back when those on the inside were "just following LRH's orders and principles".

This truly, Tom, this interview has some truly important seeds of just how senior members of the movement go through their mental collapse of support for the Hubbard movement and system.

You're doing future serious researchers of Scientology a priceless historical service, Tom.

It takes a good deal of literacy to even come up to describing the turmoil one is put through, when one's playing the high positions in the Scientology movement, and Bill's the best, in my opinion, very clear.

Jeff Hawkins did pretty good on his story.

So much to discuss on this.

anyone want to talk to me after hours, call me after 9pm east coast time on the phone, and let's chat.

Bill Franks, I hope to hell you have a nice long life, and spend a tiny amount more time allowing more interviewing. I'd love to know to what lengths in general Scientology has kept the whole long train of ex senior members from conversing and comparing stories, with each other. There is a hell of a lof of important history that's been damped out of existence by somehow distancing the ex senior leaders from talking with each other and putting the twos and twos together!

To say Scientology is a mind control group, well Bill's comments about Margaret Singer's comments about Scientology being, at this point in it's history (since in 50 years, who knows that will be left), being the worst of the mind control authoritarian totalist groups, this interview is just overwhelming evidence.

Thanks Tom.

Jackpot, I fell like I just won a huge chunk of excellent history revealed.

Thankyou Bill Franks!

#73 St Petersburg Times - Strength In Numbers

Posted by revenimus on 05 August 2009 - 03:33 PM

Hi Mary,

Videos are all great. I spent a lot of time watching them initially and found them to be really revealing. As someone who never went "over the rainbow" I was shocked to find out that this kind of thing actually happens. I always pictured Scientology as a gigantic mind fuck but when I discovered it's actually physically harming people in this manner I was taken a back to say the least.

#707 Interview with Dr. Arthur Deikman on cults and cult thinking

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 15 January 2012 - 06:09 PM

Also, you told me, and listeners should realize that Dr. Deikman suffers from Parkinson's and is elderly, so respectfully take that into account when listening to this interview.

Point by point, I can't argue against anything I learned listening to this interview.

Great job!

#670 Interview on Forgiveness Therapy with Dr. Jim Dincalci

Posted by LFBD Pittsburgh on 29 October 2011 - 05:39 PM

Another excellent interview!

Jim's forgiveness site, years ago, someone told me about it, and it really helped me, just read what he wrote, I used it, and for sure, I'm a thankful recipient of the simplest of his focused ideas about forgiveness.

It's something one does for oneself, and one just forgives people, and it helps the person who forgives, and you don't even have to tell the other person that you forgave them! That's so simple, and so helpful.

It's like having one's own "solo session" and one concludes one doesn't have to blame someone else anymore!

Also Tom, hunting down the linguistic relativity subject, that too leads to some powerful ideas about how words influence people.

And the forgiveness word/concept, is just a perfect example of how words can have an emotional and mental effect.

I liked that Jim's done so much brain chemistry study, and his discussion of cortisol, and how thought changes the cortisol levels immediately!

Amazing interview!

Thanks so much Tom!


#600 Non-Scientology Paths to Spiritual Freedom

Posted by MollyB on 04 August 2011 - 01:45 PM

I have found other paths to achieving what I hoped to get from Scientology. I want to share these other paths with you. Here's the short version: www.BodyTalkSystem.com, www.AroMeditation.org, and "The Essential Qigong Training Guide" by Ken Cohen, available at www.Amazon.com.

Here's more data. I was a very active Scientologist for over 40 years. I got huge, beneficial change from auditing and also from training and from over 10 years on staff at various orgs and ABLE groups. After doing OT V, I began to develop a lot of interest in the 8th Dynamic, which I couldn't do much about in Scientology. When I wasn't allowed onto OT VI, I began looking for alternative routes to spiritual freedom. I won't go into all the gory details here about the injustice of not being allowed to continue on the OT Levels and other unsatisfactory happenings -- there's a lot of data about that sort of thing in other posts.

I was very concerned about leaving the Church as I was afraid I was leaving the only effective spiritual path. I found out otherwise I have also found that alternative paths support my interest in the 8th Dynamic. (I don't mean here the Christian view of God.)

What have I gotten from these paths? In no particular order: greater happiness, greater ability, almost no case, less stress, very good health, never sick, more endurance when exercising, greater psychic abilities, greater ability to change conditions and help others, more ability to know and move towards my purposes, and the happy feeling that I'm on a path that leads me daily into a much higher spiritual state.

I found that I made very rapid progress, faster than usual, on these paths. I'm sure that's because of the auditing and training that I had in Scientology. One thing all these paths do is remove case -- having lost a lot of case in auditing, I had a leg up.

For over a year, I did Buddhist meditation. I know that Ron denigrates meditation as "looking inward." Ron wants us to look outward at the world. However, I find that meditation is not looking inward at all. It's connecting up with the 8th Dynamic.

I highly recommend a series of free weekly e-mailed lessons from a Tibetan Buddhist website called www.AroMeditation.org. This website has a great glossary that defines many of the technical terms. It's hard to find so here's the link: http://arobuddhism.o...sary/Itemid,80/ (However, I found the main book that they sell mostly incomprehensible -- the weekly e-mailed lessons are easier.)

The weekly lessons aren't 100% clear, but are clear enough to get you to start meditating. Just do the lessons as best you can, and you'll start seeing changes, including losing case. Yes, LOSING CASE. It's been 3 years since I started Aro and the case I've lost didn't come back. It's not a matter of a key-out; it's gone, dissolved by the Theta that is generated as one meditates.

After I did the weekly Aro Meditation lessons, which last about a year, I started to feel I was plateauing and got antsy for more instruction. I found a helpful book called "Genuine Happiness, Meditation as the Path to Fulfillment" by B. Alan Wallace. However, I don’t know that I would have gotten much out of it had I not done the Aro Meditation lessons first. For about 6 months, I did the various forms of meditation described in this book.

Again, I began to feel that I was plateauing. I started Body Talk. This is a system for losing case and for increasing Theta and spiritual abilities. It works faster than Scientology is much, much, much easier. No pressure, no heavy organization, lower cost. I started with a book called "Body Talk System" available on www.Amazon.com. Got huge gains. Then took a 1 day class for $150.

I've taken a 2-day or 4-day class every 3 months for the last year. I'll have run thru all of them soon and will then be learning from a DVD set. I've been able to help myself handle many, many physical, mental, spiritual issues. Body Talk addresses directly the most basic phenomena addressed on the OT levels that I've done. I'm hoping that the increase of Theta that it creates addresses the rest of OT phenomena. We'll see.

Also, I can help others with BodyTalk -- more easily. This is everything that I had hoped to gain from Scientology. And it's better.

In the last 6 months, I've also added Qigong meditation, from the book-CD-DVD set listed at the top of this post. I prefer this form of Taoist meditation to the Aro (Buddhist meditation) that I started with. Don't know how I would have liked Qigong if I had started with it and not done other forms of meditation first, since I never tried that.

Leaving Scientology was extremely difficult for me spiritually -- I was afraid that I might be losing the possibility of spiritual freedom. It was tricky and lengthy to cut the communication with the Church. I was a senior staff member of an ABLE group when I started cutting ties. I started by telling a couple of Scientologists in my AB LE group that I was very close with that I was doing Buddhist meditation -- as that's another religion and a Scientologist can practice other religions. So that they wouldn't freak out and start writing reports, I told them that I had sent a report up-lines about this along with LRH quotes about how Scientologists can also practice other religions (I had sent the report, and TR3d it when I got no reply). And I continued on from there, reducing ties. While staying in ARC and replying to e-mails from Scientology friends, I gradually decreased the ties and comm.

I'm keeping this anonymous because I maintain light occasional comm with a few remaining Scientology friends whom I have not told about doing other practices.

I feel fortunate that I handled a great deal of case and increased my abilities through Scientology. I also feel very fortunate to have found even stronger and more efficient paths forward. I'm very happy about how all this has worked out.

#597 Hubbard's anti-psychiatry attitudes deconstructed

Posted by Rhythm on 29 July 2011 - 11:27 AM

Interview with Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Wiseman.

#42 Narconon 501C3

Posted by AnonyMary on 02 August 2009 - 03:08 PM

So if Narconon is really a "non-profit" why do some of their execs get $4,000 a week pay checks?

Why does Scientology get away with everything, and all we get is free will?

Narconons are under IRS investigation for abuse of tax exempt status. It's just a matter of time for some. 'Personal inurement' means personal gain and Narconon Stone Hawk was busted for this. Co-owner Kate Wickstrom sued her ex husband, their company and and Narconon Int, which goes into details what was going on.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
More Narconon Tax liens

Kate Wickstrom's Narconon Lawsuit : see all the dox in this case, which was recently settled, especially those related to TIA Corp, The Wickstrom's company that rented out the St Mary's property for personal gain .



PER A. WICKSTROM, Individually,
TIA CORPORATION, a Michigan corporation,
CENTER INC., a Michican non-profit corporation, and
NARCONON INTERNATIONAL, a foreign non-profit corporation

Jointly and Severally as Co-Defendants.


Hope this info is encouraging :)

#294 David Miscavige Sued, Summons Issued 11.25.09

Posted by Homeward Bound on 25 November 2009 - 10:14 PM

This is to announce that as of today, November 25, 2009, David Miscavige has been sued and a summons has been issued notifying him of the complaint.

Also sued are defendants Church of Scientology International, Religious Technology Center and does 1-20.

A copy of the complaint can be found at: http://www.scribd.co...int-filed112509

The suit has been brought on behalf of John Lindstein by attorneys Barry Van Sickle and Graham Berry for, amongst other things, human trafficking.

Read how John started working for organized scientology at 8 years old and was working 15 hour days at manual labor by the age of 10. At the age of 12 John was taken from school and hired by Golden Era Productions.

This complaint does not go into the detail that some of the other complaints have gone into but it does list various labor and other abuses carried out on John by the scientology enterprise.

The complaint covers that David Miscavige controls the entire scientology enterprise and is the chief perpetrator of the torts and violations of law including the crime of human trafficking.

The complaint points out how the entire scientology enterprise is essentially a sham designed to hide and obscure the absolute and unchecked control by David Miscavige who is personally responsible for the violations of law listed.

I will leave the rest to those who wish to read the complaint.

Oh how young are the children taken and abused by this insidious cult!

I pray that the FBI and other appropriate governmental bodies take notice, defend our children and do something about organized scientology and their sickening practices of human trafficking and other forms of abuse.

I leave you with these few words from a summons issued today, November 25, 2009: "David Miscavige...you are being sued by ...John Lindstein". The body of the summons starts with this message to David Miscavige: "NOTICE! You have been sued".

It is begun!

#204 Hubbard's Barley Water Formula For Babies Of Stupid Parents

Posted by Homeward Bound on 26 September 2009 - 12:40 PM

And to think I used the formula blindly on my two children! There are so many things to regret once you break through the veil of mind control and actually see what you've swallowed whole!

I can't help but have a similar feeling here.

I had a daughter born in the Sea Org and after a time we put her on that insane barley formula because it was LRH who recommended it. I feel completely betrayed and like a fool that I did this and can only hope that it has no lasting negative effects in my daughter.

Some years later I consented to having my daughter do the purif rundown. Again, because I blindly believed in Hubbard's "brilliance", I risked harm to the person I loved the most.

It sickens me to realize now that Hubbard was not only incompetent in these areas but he also was a fraud, pretending great knowledge that he did not have.

His constant lies about his accomplishments, his education, his war record, and his life in general serve to paint a false picture of one who cares more about his own "status", money, etc. than he does others. It is a huge betrayal of the trust we all put in him on these subjects and many more I am sure.

He preached often of what a wonderful man he was who took no money for his work for organized scientology, while through back channels tens of millions of dollars was secretly funneled to him for what amounts to little or no exchange of value. And countless people were beaten, gang bang sec checked, extorted, threatened with loss of family and otherwise abused so as to get money to this man.

How sick is this!

I believe that it is incumbent on those of us who know of such things as the above, to speak out and do something to help prevent these abuses and dangerous practices from being used on others, this time to line the pockets or otherwise the "power-base" of David Miscavige.

#174 Ias: Some Gov't Registration Data

Posted by AnonyMary on 11 September 2009 - 08:40 PM

The IAS goes under different names depending upon the agency or location; In CA, the name is IAS Administrations, Inc. The IRS pub 78 lists it as " US I. A. S. Members Trust in Los Angeles CA USA " Currently it's charitable registry is pending with the state of CA. Hopefully they are being audited. lol You can see that and other info on the IAS entities, below.


xenu-directory.net has data on the IAS as "Foundation International Membership Services Administrations, Inc."

"Foundation International Membership Services Administrations, Inc."
IRS pub 78 " US I. A. S. Members Trust Los Angeles CA USA -- A public charity with a 50% deductibility limitation.
US I. A. S. Members Trust not listed at CA AJ http://ag.ca.gov/cha...s/statutes.php
Number: C1967046 Date Filed: 4/23/1996 Status: surrender
BOX 3335
Agent for Service of Process
The information displayed here is current as of "SEP 04, 2009" and is updated weekly. It is not a complete or certified record of the Corporation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

http://www.google.co...G=Google Search



CLEARWATER, FL 33756-5109

Financial Snapshot
Revenue: $0
Assets: $0

EIN: 980136014
Group Exemption Number: 0000
SubSection: 03 - Charitable Organizations
Affiliate: 3 - Independent - This code is used if the organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).
Classification: 1 - Corporation
Deductibility: 2 - Contributions are not deductible.
Foundation: 17 - Organizations operated solely for the benefit of and in conjunction with organizations described in 10 through 16 above.
Filing Requirement: 130 -
Activity Code(s): 004 - Religious Activities
927 - Other Purposes and Activities
000 -

Fictitious Name Detail
Fictitious Name

Filing Information
Document Number G97044000264
Filed Date 02/13/1997
Expiration Date 12/31/2012
Current Owners 1
Total Pages 3
Events Filed 2
FEI Number 98-0136014

Mailing Address
P.O. BOX 1230
Owner Information
FEI Number: 98-0136014
Document Number: F96000001900


California: The Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts is pleased to announce its new online search feature. The new search feature allows you to search for information on charities, charity fundraising professionals, and raffle registrants that are registered with the Registry. It also allows you to view some basic information regarding charities that either are not currently registered with our office or are exempt from registration and reporting to the Registry.

Registrant Information

Type: 0 Corporate or Organization Number: 3088075

RCT Registraton No:
Record Type: Charity Registration Type: Charity Registration
Issue Date: Expiration Date:
Registration Status: Pending Date This Status: 3/4/2008
Date of Last Renewal:

Address Information

Address Line 1: 1311 N NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE Phone:
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
Address Line 4: LOS ANGELES CA 90027
Annual Renewal Information
No Related Documents

The information displayed here is current as of "SEP 04, 2009" and is updated weekly. It is not a complete or certified record of the Corporation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Number: C3088075 Date Filed: 8/27/2007 Status: active
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Agent for Service of Process

To check a charity:

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#17 Yay The Feeezone!

Posted by Rhythm on 29 July 2009 - 04:33 PM

After I left the subject of scientology, I realized that there are pieces of scientology technology that are helpful, but the system of that tech is designed to mentally trap those who get involved with it. I will say that I am not aware of a more effective and efficient method of brainwashing than scientology.

#169 Personal Security And Anonymization

Posted by Rhythm on 08 September 2009 - 02:47 PM

"87 percent of all Americans could be uniquely identified using only three bits of information: ZIP code, birthdate, and sex."
"If that doesn't sound scary, just think about your own secrets, large and small—those films you watched, those items you searched for, those pills you took, those forum posts you made. The power of reidentifiation brings them closer to public exposure every day."

#141 Omerta - Coerced Silence

Posted by Rhythm on 23 August 2009 - 08:05 PM

Omerta is a word in the Sicilian dialect of Italian that means, "the categorical prohibition of cooperation with state authorities or reliance on its services, even when one has been victim of a crime." The practice of Omerta happens to be used in organized scientology. Recently, we have witnessed retaliative libel and harassment, in the form of a bulk mailed magazine, against former scientology staff members who gave statements to the St. Petersburg Times about numerous instances of assault and battery from corporate head David Miscavige. While Miscavige may have been motivated by a tenet of scientology, "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause", the coerced silence of witnesses who want to remain scientologists is demanded in Hubbard's list of "suppressive acts" such as: "Public disavowal of scientology or scientologists in good standing with scientology organizations", "Public statements against scientology or scientologists but not to committees of evidence duly convened", "Reporting or threatening to report scientology or scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress scientology or scientologists from practicing or receiving standard scientology", "Writing anti-scientology letters to the press or giving anti-scientology or anti-scientologist data to the press", "Delivering up the person of a scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law."
The soldiers employed by organized scientology followed up the St. Petersburg Times article with coerced and falsified affidavits in a feeble, criminal attempt to mop up their cult Capo's past infliction of cuts and bruises.

The "high crimes" quoted here from Hubbard fall under the definition of Omerta. This being the case, is organized scientology nothing more than a criminal enterprise, similar to the Mafia?

#12 Yay The Feeezone!

Posted by Lionheart on 29 July 2009 - 05:04 AM

A beginners guide to the FreeZone and being an ex-Scientologist

I think the FreeZone acts for some as a staging post during one's journey from Scientologist to Ex-Scientologist.

I have six personal friends who did services with the Freezone or an Independent group after leaving the CofS. They all became inactive after a while and ceased taking services in either the FZ or the Indie movement.

Usually when one leaves the CofS one still belives or hopes that there is some validity in the "tech".

If so, I think the Independent movement, as a whole, provides an opportunity to test the tech in a more open-minded way than the CofS allows.

It is important to differentiate between the so-called FreeZone and the Independent systems/groups.


The FreeZone will tell you they are a group of separate practitioners of scientology with varying adherence to LRH tech. So actually one cannot say "the Freezone is great", because the freezoners themselves will tell you there is no single thing called the FZ. So all one can say is this version or that version of the FZ is "great", "poor", etc. Freezoners do all appear to call themselves scientologists, but their versions of scientology differ one to the other.

Generally most FZ practitioners still adhere to Ron's space opera OT levels type of approach, although I'm not sure how open they are about this. Some FZ groups also adhere to the expanded beliefs of Capt Bill Robertson who coined the term "FreeZone" to describe Earth as a protected zone in his expanded version of Ron's inter-galactic plot.

When approaching a FZer with the idea of taking services, I would think it a good idea to ask:
  • Do they only apply processing from the lower, non-confidential techniques of Ron's scientology?
  • Do they also deliver Ron's confidential OT levels and if so, do they stick to Ron's versions or adapt them?
  • Do they also deliver expanded confidential levels beyond Ron's levels and if so, who were they developed by?

That way you will be better informed as to which version of the FreeZone you are entering before you enter it.


Independent practitioners do not claim that they are applying scientology and do not call themselves scientologists. Generally they have developed techniques from a scientology tech base, but their techniques are different enough from "standard" scientology techniques to no longer fit the description of scientology.

Therefore one Indie group to another are drastically different from each other and from scientology as regards the techniques and objectives of their technology. One could perhaps say that the only thing they hold in common with each other and with scientology is that they use the "processing" model in their approach to helping clients. Indie groups tend to have websites and info that describe their approach so it is perhaps easier to get a handle on what they belive and practice than it is to do so with FZer movements who, even if they have a website, tend to have the scn trait of being coy about their core beliefs.

Having said that, some Indie groups also have confidential levels or procedures, a hangover from the scn idea of whether the person is "set-up" to recieve the confidential data. Some Indie groups have no confidential levels.

My advice is ask them if they do have confidential levels and if so, get them to give as much indication as possible as to the nature of their confidential beliefs/practices.


Generally, once one is out of the cult control of the CofS, one is free to shop around and ask and judge the group by their responses. This is a freedom we never had when in the CofS! :D

I realise the above are generalisations that individual FZers or Indies may take issue with, but it is an honest attempt at a beginers guide to being an ex-scientologist.

The third option is to drop the idea that the tech has any particular validity, other than a general help flow that is available in many other ways, religions, practices. One can cease to hold onto the hope that there is any particular merit in Ron's work.

This is hard for many new CofS leavers to do, because of the repeated claims of Ron's as per Keeping Scientology Working and similar dogma that he pushed on us.

Rather than holding onto the hope he gave us and looking in the FZ or Independent areas, one can look at the techniques that Ron used to bring us to the mind-set that we had as scientologists. This can be painful but liberating.

Once one understands what Ron did - for me this took a decade or more (pre-internet) - one gets a different perspective on scientology and the "tech". In my experience this results in no desire or interest in non CofS scientology techs and one's cult radar is on full alert if one decides to continue on's spiritual search. In this way the experience and time in the CofS becomes hugely valuable and one has no regrets.

All is well, as it always was and always will be! Good luck in your journey out of the CofS! ;)